2016 adventures in reading

12x12 Challenge #3 - 3

As the close of the current year draws near, I like to reflect on my plans, goals, accomplishments…typical change of the year stuff…and start to think of a couple new challenges to add to the mix. One of the ideas I had for 2016 was to tackle my goodreads list. Each month, I will randomly pick a number and read the book on my list that corresponds with that number. So, to start the year I have the following book on hold:

jan 2016 book selection

After finishing each book, I plan to post a short reflection, which led to some exploring of POSSE options for goodreads and personal webspaces…looks like there’s a couple options either in development or that would work if one had enough tech chops to set it up…although a bit beyond my current skill level. Always something new to learn 🙂

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