Archival process begins

One of the courses I am taking this fall is CI 5325: Designing and developing online distance learning (aka #umnnexted).

Our learning environment for the semester is set up in Ning, and eventually we will not have access to the site. For the first time, I am going to try and archive as much of my course content as possible on this site as well. Partially as a way of further thinking about and processing my experience(s), and, as I’m coming to realize in the short time I’ve been enrolled in the LT program, I have found myself reusing and/or going back to some of the ideas and thoughts I had brought in a discussion forum or in a video response (which sometimes I write out prior to recording, in an effort to help clarify my thinking before actually posting). Rather than digging through the stack of recycled papers for that content, I want to see if this is an easier way to record a semester’s worth of work in one place.

I am a little nervous about it, but it’s also somewhat of a personal challenge to take another small step towards being an open learner, thinker, and student. Moving towards openness can be uncomfortable.

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