Breaking into blogging with Thing 2

Thing 2

The ’23 things’ course title makes me think of Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Suess’ stories. While searching for images to accompany this post, I remembered that my child had a lot of fun making buttons at camp this summer. (Thing 1 button was made and given to a friend.) Thanks, Alex, for your creativity and willingness to share your artwork!

Our Thing 2 called for us to create a blog to house our work throughout the course. If I was just getting started with blogging, I think this would have been a serious stumbling block. It’s scary to put yourself on the web, even if you might be your only audience. Fortunately, our course instructors outlined a few great pointers to keep in mind, such as blogging as a way to keep track of events, helping to impact professional development, sharing ideas and knowledge among a community of like-minded souls. For me, reading others’ blogs was my foray into edtech. I was familiar with Mike Wesch, and slowly my PLN grew and expanded. Long before I started my grad program, folks like Audrey WattersAlan LevineJim Groom, and many, many others taught me about the history of the internet, the web, and educational technology – all through their blog posts.

As I move into year two of my grad program, I would like to find ways via my blog posts and digital presence that I can join ongoing conversations, meet other scholars with similar interests, and find students and/or researchers who may be interested in working on joint research projects. This is one of the main reasons why I am taking part in the 23 Things course. I see that there is a syndication of community blogs on the 23 Things site, so hopefully I will be able to connect with others throughout the course. Off to leave some comments…

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