Building a course of one’s own

Earlier this week, I started building a learning platform for my final course project.

I am following a series of directions and inspiration from a variety of places. On the pedagogical side, this includes:

Representing the technical side:

I plan to blog about each of the steps along the way, with post creation loosely based on the #ds106 guide. We are also tasked with creating a syllabus and one learning module. I can’t wait to play around with the syllabus. I’ve had Maha’s post bookmarked for a while…in fact, specifically for this assignment. There’s some great links in it that I want to explore as well – particularly Michelle Pacansky-Brock’s liquid syllabus.

It sounds like other students may be interested in using WordPress to build a course. I hope they do go for it – it will be fun to work through it together and share ideas back and forth.

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