Data visualizations for Facebook: Thing 8

Social network (Magazine Illustration)

Thing 8 asked us to look at Facebook. I have had an account for many years and have used groups, lists, pages, etc. When searching for Facebook photos on Flickr for this post’s header image, I came across a neat graph that showed friend networks. I started digging into it to see if I could make something similar with Netvizz and Gephi. Turns out that there were several tools that used to do this, but when Facebook rolled out its API changes in 2015, those tools no longer worked. The creator of Netvizz detailed the app’s updates and demise. It does not look like there is a way to visualize your friend network at this time.

An aspect of my Facebook account that was new to me: I can choose now if I want to have my account permanently deleted or memorialized. If I chose the latter, I can add someone as a ‘legacy contact’ to manage a limited number of aspects of my profile.

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