Diving into Thing 1


For some reason, a ladder metaphor popped into my mind as a good way to kick off the 23 Things exploration.

Thing #1 featured a short video intro (view it below), the course FAQs, and a call to familiarize ourselves with our respective institutions’ social media policies. I wandered over to the University of Minnesota’s home page to find out if we have policies specifically related to social media. A general “social media” search yielded many results, mostly specific to departmental news items. The item that looked to be most relevant was from University Relations, and discussed how to manage the UMN brand. So not really applicable for this case, seeing as I am looking for resources that would give me some direction for personal social media use as it relates to my ‘student and staff’ personas. After looking through a few more search terms, I was not able to easily find anything. I am only partially surprised about this, but am curious what (if any) conversations might be taking place around campus on this topic.


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