People, words, and images: Accessibility exploration through Thing 6


Rounding out the first block of 23 Things….next up: accessibility.

This is a topic that’s on my mind most days, as I’m working on content for courses in higher education. With that in mind, I wanted to go in a different direction and explore the features of a smartphone. They were fairly easy to locate on my phone, and divided into three main groups: vision, hearing, and dexterity & interaction. I was surprised at how many options are built into the phone. For those who are not familiar with various features and options, there is extra text that explains what they are and how to activate them. I thought that TTS option for reading articles might come in handy, so I activated it.

One last thought…since the topics align, I’m giving a shoutout to the new site, designed by some of my colleagues. It’s chock full of resources for instructors, course designers, and web developers. One of the helpful articles talks about planning for accessibility from the start (of a course, in this case) but could be applied to a project that you might be working on now.

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