Personal project management software: Asana and Wrike comparison

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Now that I am nearing the end of my coursework, I’m turning to plotting out the schedule for exams and the dissertation writing process.

I have been using two types of project management software for personal use, both with a free account, during the month of August. Below are my thoughts about each of the two platforms.



  • visual interface is clean-looking
  • ability to sync tasks and due dates with Google Calendar is spiffy
  • workspaces idea is neat – thanks, Lifehack! hmm….how might I make best use of workspaces for different areas of my life?


  • finding files in Google Drive integration is tough. My GD folder structure was collapsed, so all folders were listed. I was not able to dig into the nested sub-folders.
  • couldn’t figure out how to add a “New Section” to a project on the mobile app. While watching this video, I learned that I might be able to create a new section by including a colon after the word. Will keep this in mind to try the next time I need to do this.
  • desktop: not sure how to see subtasks. There is a small gray arrow which is tough to see as the color is so light. Would imagine this would be hard to see to folks with low-vision.
  • doesn’t seem to offer a gantt chart view. I find this helpful to see where tasks/subtasks pile up, and if I’m trying to pile too much into a week
  • not able to start the week on Monday



  • can set the calendar to start on Mondays
  • gantt chart view


  • mobile app: tough to figure out working with tasks and subtasks
  • entries didn’t save -sometimes I needed to use the enter button. Seems that the UI is consistent
  • midway through the month, I was no longer able to create subtasks with a free account

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