Remix this post: Thing 11


Our topic for Thing 11 provided an overview of copyright in various countries and introduced us to Creative Commons. I have a baseline understanding of how copyright in the U.S. works, but less of an understanding once it moves past the country’s borders. It’s amazing how much it can differ between countries, particularly in the context of applying copyright and fair use to teaching and learning.

The two completion steps for Thing 11 called for us to first find two media files that carry a CC license for materials we might use in our work. I am working on a podcast for a class project right now, so it would be helpful to find some CC-licensed intro and outro music that I could use for it. Using the CC Search, I chose Jamendo as the search option and typed ‘instrumental music’ in the search box. There were about a half-dozen songs returned in the results. I chose one at random:

I am not able to tell what type of license this song has, nor if I am able to safely reuse/remix it for my podcast purposes.

I would also like to find an backdrop image for my SoundCloud podcast, so for the next search I chose Pixabay as the search option and typed ‘explore’ in the search box. I chose another one at random, mostly to see what type of license the image carried and to figure out what the download process would be if I were to use it. It has the best type of license, CC0, and an easy click-to-download button.

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