Settling in and claiming space

Greetings and welcome to my new online space!

I’m realizing that moving to a different space online is strikingly similar to physically moving to a new house…it takes a bit of time to settle in and acquaint yourself with the new surroundings. The move to a self-hosted site was no different. Reclaim Hosting has great documentation available, which helps immensely. Small victory = I was able to figure out how to modify the standard WP footer, thanks to a tutorial via The Geek Girl. Looking forward to other site tinkerings and finally having a place to put the ideas that have been swirling about in my head for a while.

More to come…

5 thoughts on “Settling in and claiming space

  1. Hi Jennifer and well done setting up your blog :). Your analogy is a good one – it always takes time to settle in any new surroundings, so give yourself chance to adjust. It is probably more scary setting up an online space due to it being so public, as you can feel exposed, but usually people are very welcoming and friendly :). We hope you are enjoying the ocTEL course so far and look forward to seeing some future posts from you.

    Sue Folley (ocTEL support tutor).

    • Jennifer Englund

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comment and for reaching out. (btw – I just listened to your advice on the #ocTEL Week 0 webinar. Your comments about developing a support network were very helpful.)

  2. Glad to see you are settling in, the first few days are critical, hope you find the rest of the course useful, just remember your goals for doing it, read others comments and enjoy the interaction around Technology Enhanced Learning and Education! (P.S. WordPress does take a while to get used to, I keep putting off a blog, I tweet instead, each to their own weapon of learning ;)!)

    • Jennifer Englund

      Glad that you stopped by. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course. And yes, I agree with you on the learning curve for WordPress…which is why it took me this long to finally set it up. 🙂

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