Countdown to Connected Courses

In just under a month, Connected Courses begins. This brings together many of my favorite people in higher ed and ed tech. Through Mike Wesch’s classes and videos (going back to 2007 – yep, he’s been at this awhile!) I saw what anthro on the web might look like. It was fascinating, and drew me into the world of teaching and learning on the web and student-centered learning.

On a deeper level, this course weaves together many strands of thought that have been linked, up until this point, through my feed reader. It’s amazing to see how these ideas and thinkers have coalesced to this point of collaboration. Over the past few months of reading about connected learning, I am wondering how connectivism may shape it. Is connected learning an extension of connectivism, a new way of seeing it? That will be one of the points I would like to bring to the discussion.

To learn more about the principles that underpin the course, head on over to the Connected Learning Alliance. Or register for the course, and explore the hows and why with us.