Thing 13: web-based video platforms

... So Little Time (or) Radio video foto Janssen (Explored)

I’m exploring the accessibility, licensing, and features of the Vimeo platform. To do that, I looked through several of the videos in my liked and watch later categories. It was fun to re-watch these FemTechNet dialogue videos:

I am not sure what type of license this video holds. It doesn’t seem to explicitly state if this video can be reused. There is a clear link to a script, but that was included by those who uploaded the video. I also don’t see a closed caption button to toggle the captions on/off. This seems odd as captions are a basic accessibility requirement for video. When I went to Vimeo’s Help Center, it showed that captions could be uploaded. Only when they are uploaded with the cc button appear. I’m not sure if this is better or worse than YouTube’s auto-captions which are notorious for their inaccuracy.

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