Web journeys and associative footprints of Thing 3


Thing 3 in our course relates to the topic of digital footprints: the trails that we leave in place during our online excursions. These could take the form of photos, profiles, and comments on social media sites. The course resources listed a few videos, an e-Professionalism guide for students, and a case study (super interesting read) for us to consider. I wanted to see what other resources were out in the wild, and came across this great TEDx talk by Michelle Clark, an instructor at the UCLA Freud Playhouse. Her spoken word poetry about digital footprints is excellent.

What happens when I put my name into a Google search? Thanks to the SEO results of my institution, my work profile page is the first item that appears. I really can’t take any credit for this…those pages will likely always rank higher than my personal content. Other URL results…of the eight listed on the first page, six tie back to content that is associated with me.

Google Maps shows that I share a name with a local MD, and Google Images brings up many non-related content…some of which is a bit sketchy. A few of the images from my blog posts appear as well as the avatar I currently use across most web platforms.

What do I want to take away from this Thing? I re-read the action plan section of the case study and found that either consciously or unconsciously, at some point/s in the past I made decisions on how/when to use various social media platforms. For now, I don’t plan to make any changes to my current usage patterns. I don’t have a schedule outlined as to when to run another name search, so that is something that I could plan to do on a regular basis.

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