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Week 7: February 9-15, 2015

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Spring class work:

Read chapter two of our course textbook. It discussed needs assessments, goal analysis, and performance assessment (used mainly in a training context). Submitted weekly response paper and situational evaluation.


Social media and open access

Two distinct cultures in academia developing? Those who use social media might have a different set of publications they regard as core compared to others who are using library driven systems. And how might that serve to influence scholarship (way) down the road?

Creating color-blind accessible figures

Principles of universal color design. Bookmarked for future online teaching resource.

Scalar now available for Reclaimers!

Very excited to read this. I’m collecting resources for my digital dissertation (fingers crossed my advisor will be amenable to that idea). I also read through some of the features of the tool, and am amazed at how powerful it is. They also offer a series of webinars to get started – nice. If you missed any, there’s a helpful archive.

(25 years ago) The first school one-to-one laptop program

Edtech history never fails to fascinate me. Sadly, much of it seems to sound like this:

But to see the early one-to-one laptop initiatives as a corporate-led marketing campaign erases the intentions of the Australian educators and it certainly erases the serious intellectual pursuits undertaken by the students who first used laptops for learning.

ALT Lab Agora

Always curious to see what other academic technology groups are up to…I love the idea of purposely creating time to host an open, informal lab space.

Registered for:

littleBits P2PU course. Planning to go through this with my girl, and have fun making some cool stuff. Or maybe we’ll just #inventanything we feel like.

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