Weekly reflections

Week 9: February 23 – March 1 2015

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Spring course work:

On the docket for last week: read two chapters and submit three assignments. Slightly behind on both counts, but I plan to take care of both yet this evening. We have been working on draft versions of our learning theories and philosophies, and are going to share those with one another for feedback.


High tech teaching and students with disabilities

Notes highlighted in Diigo:

  • Asking students to answer questions in class via clickers can also present problems for students who are blind or deaf.
  • In classes where clickers are used on a competitive basis or where students are given a limited amount of time to submit their answers, deaf students are at a disadvantage. Even with efficient translation, there’s often a lag time, and it may cause students who are deaf to submit their answers more slowly
  • Copyright regulations can also thwart efforts to make digitized works and videos accessible to people with disabilities

Recognizing team members who contribute in different ways…

…and what motivates them.

Alt-ac or bust

One of the best things that I think can come out of alt-ac discussions is the recognition by the broader academic community that pursing options other than TT positions are equally valid. Thankfully, that tide is starting to shift.

Partnership for affordable content

Neat new Libaries grant program open to U of M faculty and instructors to help them integrate openly licensed content into their courses.


Received littleBits order over the weekend. We experimented with some combos for an hour or so. May need to put this project on the back burner with next week being consumed with birthday celebration and end of the trimester ongoings.

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